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Southeastern Refining Company is your go-to source for assaying, gold refining and smelting in Glencoe, AL and the surrounding region. We provide the best rates possible to get you the most for your metals. Money in your pocket never came easier.

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For Your Information

The Troy System

1 gram = 15.4324 grains
1 gram = .643 pennyweights
1 gram = .03215 troy ounce
1.55517 grams = 1 pennyweight
31.1048 grams = 1 troy ounce
1 kilogram = 2.205 lb. Avoir.
1 pennyweight = 24 grains
1 pennyweight = .05 troy ounce
20 pennyweights = 480 grains
20 pennyweights = 1 troy ounce
14.5833 troy ounces = 1 pound Avoir.
12 troy ounces = 1 troy pound
(5760 grains)
16 avoir. 7000 grains = 1 avoir pound
avoir. weight x .823 = troy weight
1 oz. avoir. = .91 oz. troy
1 pound avoir. = 14.58 oz. troy

Karat Fineness

8 K .33820
9 K .37440
10 K .41600
12 K .50000
14 K .58240
16 K .66560
18 K .74880
20 K .83200
21 K .87360
22 K .91520
24 K .99999

Colors of Gold:

  • Yellow green, red, and white are produced by variations in the alloy. silver and zinc tend to give a green color, copper-red and nickel white.
  • Gold Filled is made by joining a layer (or layers) of gold alloy to a base metal alloy and then rolling or drawing to the thickness required.
  • Rolled Gold Plate is the same as gold filled, but of lower quality.
  • Gold Electroplate is usually made by electrolytically depositing fine gold on base metal.
  • Gold Solders are usually 2 to 4 karats less than the gold on which they are used.
  • Sterling Silver is 925/1000 (92 1/2%) fine silver and 75/1000 (7 1/2%) copper.
  • Coin Silver is 900/1000 (90%) fine silver and the balance copper. The same alloy is used for U.S, silver coins.
  • Commercial Silver is a term applied to silver that is 999 fine or higher
  • Foreign Sliverware contains varying percentages of silver. In some cases the fineness is as low as 700/1000.
  • Silver Plated Ware is made by electroplating fine silver on a base metal alloy – usually nickel or Britannia metal, sometimes brass or copper.